PORCELANOSA Grupo, a leading reference today both in Spain and abroad, with a philosophy based on values like innovation & quality, introduces a new line of products, XTONE, featuring large format sheet, 12mm thick. This widens the scope of application in all types of surfaces such as countertops, furniture and façade cladding. Designed for a public that, in addition to looking for quality products, needs avant-garde materials for design and architecture.


Sintered mineral compact, obtained from the purest natural minerals with the most advanced technical development and avant-garde design. Durable, elegant, and functional. The 12 mm-thick large-format XTONE surface enables for all kinds of ideas to come to life.

XTONE, a material for creativity.

A finish with a unique shine.

Waterproof surface, suitable for direct manipulation of food.

A dazzling shade of white, thanks to the use of top-quality raw materials. 


Creativity is the force that lets us turn ideas into tangible realities, driving an evolution that has no limit.

Design any surface or volume from the synergy between wit, evolution, and material, to develop all types of continuous surfaces: worktops, counters, furniture, and facades among other applications.

Concepts that come to life with the XTONE sintered compact.

Matter adapted to design.

A finish with a unique reflection.

Compact, ruggedly light and stable.

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