Today, Sunday 19th of April 2015, is the last day of Salone del Mobile in Milan. The biggest furniture’s fair in the world. I was lucky enough to be there almost every day. It was an amazing experience, again. I had the chance to see, touch and feel so many products with different styles, colours and materials. This year I discovered something new called VONDOM. I was amazingly surprised by the quality and class this Company presented the new collections. A gorgeous stand, stunning images used for the campaigns and an unforgettable party at the Leonardo Da Vinci’s vineyard. The style of their furniture is minimalist, mixed with geometric form. In perfect line with 5 STYLE.





The time is 8 pm and I’m waiting in the International Airport of Mexico City to catch my flight to JFK (NYC). There, in the world’s most influential city for art and culture, will start a new phase, which begins with the creation of the VONDOM showroom.

While I look on my iPad at my most recent purchase, a book by Eames, without a doubt a couple who are among the most influential furniture designers of recent decades, I recieve a call from José Albiñana requesting that I write the prologue for the Designer’s Catalogue. Well, to be honest, he didn’t actually use the word “prologue”, but said: “I would like you to describe what VONDOM has meant to you this last year”. Stunned at his question I stop, think for a few moments, and then accept without a doubt. As the firm’s artistic director, and a designer, it is a challenge for me to look back and recall everything that has happened. Actually, until I have a clean sheet from my notebook and a pen in front of me, I’m unaware of how far we have managed to come.

Let’s begin. I could sum up this past year in two sentences: “Design has no limited boundaries or rules. It has a passport, full of stamps, which are evidence of the recognition of this brand, VONDOM”.
Excuse me reader. I can’t end there. The starting point of this peculiar journey is curious, to say the least.

It is already over 5 years ago that VONDOM decided to devote itself to increasing the value of its materials by means of design. It began to do so with the help of well-known figures from a national scope, such as Mariscal and A-Cero, as well as an International scope, such as Karim Rashid and Stefano Giovannoni. In line with the fashion fads of that year it also decided to include leading figures in it’s “Big List” including Eugeni Quitllet, Jorge Pensi, Gabriele+Oscar Buratti. This was when the first part of it’s new endeavors were revealed, which would be characterized by new colours and materials, for example taupe and khaki.

As the months went by the new collections by Ora Ïto, Ross Lovegrove and Fabio Novembre were noticed by Paris, Cologne, Shanghai, Birmingham, Dubai, Moscow and other places. But this firm’s intentions right from the start haven’t only been to present it’s newest and latest items. Instead it’s aim is to convey to people a way of life, an essence, or rather “It’s essence”. VONDOM, is a synonym for Versatility, Originality, Novelty, Distinction, Fashion. In other words, a way of life.

VONDOM has reached out even further, stepping up it’s activity and creating a stir. It’s launch in the International Furniture Fair of Milan was evidence of this. I still remember what Soledad Lorenzo, Director of the Architecture and Design magazine said minutes before VONDOM’s AlleTerme Spa Event began in Milan: “This night will be a unique experience”. As I heard Sole say that word, “unique”, I realized then that that day would mean a new beginning. Over a 1,000 people lived VONDOM’s essence that night, in a unique place, without equal, QC Termemilano. I think I speak on behalf of all there when I say that those who attended remember the surrounding atmosphere that we created, which flowed with design, art, relaxation and well-being.

The months continued passing by and a well-deserved moment arrived when we were awarded Karim Rashid’s prize, as winner of the Good Design Awards, with the Sloo chair. Also we received much recognition from national and international press. “VONDOM, an emblem at the vanguard” “VONDOM impacts on design”, “VONDOM, the volumetric architecture”, “VONDOM lights up the centre of Seoul with it’s new showroom”, are just some of the headlines which highlighted the power transmitted by our mainly outside furniture and lighting.

As this year drew to a close something was needed to summarize and il- lustrate that time of new ties, events and projects we’ve had on a worldwide scale. For this reason the Vondom Atmospheres Catalogue was made, which gathered all this together in 184 pages. I still wonder how the the Graphic team has been able to include so many things on so few pages. Also I would like to invite you to explore’s News section. Yes, you also may wonder how we have been able to sum up so much news, as well as over 70 collections and about 600 products in just 500gr.

It has been a year in which VONDOM has furnished a great number of projects around the world, has invited thousands of VIPs to it’s exclusive events and has sponsered a great many events in the worlds of fashion, sports, films, cars and design. Among the most exciting moments have been: The Design Circus in Australia, the XL/xs exposition “Designed by Architects”, the Valencia Open 500 tournament, the 50th Anniversary of Spain’s most published magazine, the Telva and Cannes International Film Festival, along with many other events VONDOM has been a part of.

It’s a fact: It’s impossible to stop creating and dreaming. As Anne Wintour would say “Fashion isn’t about looking behind. It is always about looking forward”.



Below if you can see some of the best projects made in collaboration with VONDOM.


The exclusive Matisse Beach Club combines glamour, design and beach life with its exclusive location on the amazing beach front of Scarborough, Perth (Australia)

With a modern design and contemporary facilities equipped with the latest technology, the beach club offers everything from chic cabanas, beach lounges, casual dining and a sparkling pool to a breathtaking view of the Indian Ocean.

Designed by Jenlin Chia and her team at Oldfield Knott architects, the selected collections include VONDOM’s Adan tables and stools by Teresa Sapey, Vertex chairs by Karim Rashid as well as the Frame & Faz Collection’s sun chaises, lighting and stools by Ramon Esteve.

Matisse_Beach_Club (13)

Matisse_Beach_Club (23)

D-Max Photography


All furnishing on the sun deck have been designed in a modern, clean, white and facetted style, creating a unique bright and playful atmosphere.

This area, with lots of sun and shade, is very comfortable to enjoy moments of fun with a cocktail, good company and impressive panoramic views.

Yatch_Darlings_Danama (2)

Yatch_Darlings_Danama (3)

Yatch_Darlings_Danama (4)


This exclusive hotel, located among sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters of Thailand’s Natai Beach, Phuket, is a luxurious place conceived with relaxation in mind amongst rich design.

Its shell-like exterior is tucked away into a lush waterfront prime setting.

Wide-spanning windows, which form the main facade to the outdoors, give way to a deck outfitted by A-CERO’s REST sun chaises, Ramón Esteve’s FAZ sofa, and Karim Rashid’s VERTEX chairs.

Unquestionably, this getaway destination is a place to enjoy captivating ocean views in the comfort of high-end design.

Inala_Beach_House_Thailand (1)

Inala_Beach_House_Thailand (2)

Inala_Beach_House_Thailand (3)


The minimal, modern aesthetic of this über cool house in Claremont is a creative collaboration between its passionate owner and renowned ar- chitect Michael Patroni from Space Agencies.

The home which pans over 4 levels, with its sleek design, coaxes over 500sqm of living space from a compact 390sqm corner block.

Architect Michael Patroni has developed timeless and left-of-centre con- cepts like the swimming pool with glass ends and layers of subtlety in textures and finishes throughout the home.

The clean and understated architectural lines and design details are tes- tament to the great work of the architect and were a feature that the interior designer was cautions not to spoil.

Queenslea_Dirve_Australia (3)_Fotor

Queenslea_Dirve_Australia (15)

Queenslea_Dirve_Australia (21)

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