Sturdy enough to serve as a seat or side tables, this set was inspired as much by rock formations as it is by the spaceships of the future. 

“Furniture is no longer furniture, but possibility, transition, and a perpetual search for significance.” (K.C.)



As most of  K.C.‘s  designs, these two sculptural pieces are a combination of the natural and the scientific spirit. Whether you see two rocky outcrops, or a mothership and orbiting asteroid, the robust, versatile design of this piece can easily adapts to the everyday life or alternatively, Spaceship can simply be admired.



This “highly polished extraterrestrial rock” was created in 2013 in continuation with the series of pure shapes Object 04. This black asteroid made of oxidized brass, was followed in 2015 by a new design. Spaceship II has the same shape a lighter volume thanks to the use of brushed brass. Each piece designed by K.C. “has been the fruit of constant interaction with my craftsmen, because it is grounded in a sense of place and with faces.” For this reason Spaceship are also completely hand made in Lebanon by expert craftsmen and produced in limited edition of 10 pieces. Their sculptural volume makes them stand on the edge between sculpture and design, this is the reason why they were welcomed by press and collectors during the internation design fair Design Miami/ Basel and Design Miami in 2015.

By Karen Chekerdjian for 5 STYLE
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