Fashion has become tricky territory; a minefield of rapid-fire trends and contrived uniforms that often lack depth, integrity or any personal connection. New apparel brand SØRENSEN, created by Wayne Sørensen, formerly design director of Orlebar Brown, is challenging that with an updated approach to style based around six core archetypes. The DRIVER, the ENGINEER, the DANCER, the BUTCHER, the OFFICER and the PAINTER revisit style rooted in a sense of purpose; perfectly robust pieces where the thrill is in the details of a wider underlying narrative.

Confident yet surprising, from the focus and agility of a professional driver to the discipline and strength of an elite dancer, each garment references core values to aspire to or draw inspiration from. Conceived as classics, SØRENSEN is launching with a collection of six unique shirts, created for men but perfect also for women, inspired by and named after each archetype.



Grounded in an unerring sense of precision, the DRIVER symbolises cool control, decisive agility and a satisfying command of power.

The inaugural shirt is notable for an unorthodox streamlining of design components; the removal of the standard yoke across the shoulders creates an entirely seamless, smooth tting back – giving total freedom of movement without compromising the pleasingly close fit.



The essence of the ENGINEER is a sturdy breed of elegance – inspired by the profession’s inherent need to marry the practicalities of complex construction with the calculated ingenuity of sublime invention. The lead garment for the archetype, a short-sleeve overall, is subsequently the most utilitarian of the six. Made special by its accumulated details, it’s a robust piece in heavy-wearing fabric, re ned with button- down shirt pockets and subtle definition at the waist.

SØRENSEN painter


The most relaxed of the six archetypes the PAINTER denotes ultimate freedom of expression, solo ventures and a discreetly arresting sense of liberation. The launch shirt is based on a piece from the designer’s own personal archive – a bib-front evening shirt, re-imagined for Sørensen with a detachable collar and slightly over-sized proportions that unleashes any formal connotations.



Full of fluidity, the DANCER is a poetic homage to an intense call for discipline, focus and professional rigour but underscored by the ever-present rebellion of artistic air. The initial piece for this archetype is half shirt, half jacket. The waist is cropped to a relay a boxy fit able to accommodate a full spectrum swing of movement – echoed in the comparative informality of three button front, open collar and pockets with casual, rounded pocket detailing.

SØRENSEN butcher


Attuned to the visceral, hands-on skills of traditional butchery, the BUTCHER is rooted in the solid pleasure of mastering a time-honoured process with paramount respect for materials. Based on a shirt worn by a French abattoir butcher, circa 1890, the first shirt for this archetype relays the essence of process via an apron style, longer- length cut featuring side vents and mid-chest height pockets for tools.

SØRENSEN officer



Defined by a steely accuracy and quietly spoken con dence, the OFFICER communicates the natural capacity to distil order from chaos, of composure attached to insight, and understated charisma. The debut shirt for this archetype is borderline smart with a crisp, close t and a gently clipped, narrow collar that signals poise, leadership and an easy sense of self-assurance.

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