A one-handed watch with no visible logo has been created by people who like to live life slow.

Called the slow watch, it has just one hand, drawing inspiration from the days when man told the time by sundial.

The Swiss-made watch comes in 15 styles. Each is unisex, 100m water resistant and exquisitely crafted in stainless steel.

“We created the slow watch to simplify our lives. Everyone around us wants to break away from the pace of constant clock-watching, living with a sense of time rushing by, and the slow watch allows us to do that,” explained Christopher Noerskau, one of the founders of the brand.

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With a 24-hour face, the hour hand on the slow watch appears to move at half the speed of a 12 hour watch, whilst keeping the correct time.

Although the watches are not outwardly branded, there is a discreet logo, hidden underneath the case of the watch, that simply says ‘slow’.

Corvin Lask, co-creator of the slow watch, said: “By keeping our logo hidden, our wearers are brand-free. By losing the minute hand, they have an even greater sense of freedom. As the slow community grows, we want men and women to know they can take things easy wherever they are, restoring the balance in their lives by keeping time without watching every minute.”

With its understated design and affordable range, slow watches are a style statement that men and women can effortlessly make.

Every slow watch has a Swiss made GMT-precision quartz movement with a 24-hour dial, allowing wearers to see the entire day in one view.

Available in silver, black or gold-plated stainless steel, the watch comes with either a cream, black or silver face. Stylish and interchangeable straps are available in stainless steel, Italian calf leather, canvas and nylon.

Prices, inclusive of shipping, start at £190 for a slow watch with canvas or nylon strap, to £200 for leather and £230 for a stainless steel band.

The substantial, but not oversized, watch suits both men and women and can be matched with both formal and casual attire. Weight is between 65g (for leather, canvas and nylon straps ) and 125g (for metal straps). Dimensions: 38 w X 42.5 h x 8.2 d.


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