Platform is a dense and congested metal skyline that took one year to construct.

Cities are the embodiment of man and can be rather egocentric and insensitive. This one was no different.

The architectural assemblage required a poetic intervention. A positive thought.


A rainbow made out of copper tubing is added.

Rising above the assembled structures, the symbol of hope punctuated the skyline and altered the platform’s silhouette.

A changed landscape. An illuminated city. Platform becomes Platform Rainbow.

How can I change the skyline?

Karen-Chekerdjian_Works_Rainbow-light-collection_MPinarelli_05    Karen-Chekerdjian_Works_Platform-cityscape_MPinarelli_03

CITYSCAPE Antennas on rooftops interrupt the city

The copper rainbow intervenes and imposes itself on whatever space it inhabits, becoming architecture. This characteristic is made obvious.

A portion of the rainbow is blown up and expanded in scale to four times its size. The quarter, half and full copper arches, 2.5 meters in diameter, are fitted with a copper insert and LED light, dispersing a warm pink glow.

Landscapes are transformed into radiant monuments.


Base + Addition – Base = Rainbow

Platform Rainbow becomes Rainbow.


Function here is secondary. An exercise more than a defining part of the process.

Photo credit: Nadim Asfar, Marco Pinarelli

By Karen Chekerdjian for 5 STYLE
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