Minimalux is a British company designing and producing accessories for both person and home. The essence of the brand lies in formal simplicity, premium materials and lustrous finishing. The aim is to provide quiet, lasting, understated products for the modern minded, luxury consumer.



Each product is conceived and developed by Minimalux and its collaborators from a studio deep underground in the heart of East London. Within this laboratory like environment, the principals of formal reduction are pushed to the extreme whilst material, process and finishing considerations are specified at the highest level. Every step is controlled and overseen, up to and including the final production.



Minimalux was founded in 2009 by British designer Mark Holmes and industry expert Tamara Caspersz.
From humble beginnings and uncompromising vision, it soon developed a clear and unique brand identity with widely endorsed products that have created their own high-end, minimalist niche within design led goods.



The latest additions to the collection are A & O – simple cone and globe shaped candle holders, made from solid machined aluminium and polished to a mirror finish. A triangle that tapers seamlessly into the candle stem and a sphere that defines its form and remains static; refusing to roll over. Sold individually, A & O are designed to complement each other and can be used as singles or multiples. The choice is yours to mix or match the shapes.


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