In 2013 I had the opportunity to work on a series of beds. Like every time I start to design, I need a mood, a vision and a motivation that characterizes the project, a spark in the dark that often comes from my experiences and way of living.





We spend a very long time in our lives sleeping in bed, but it’s a piece of furniture that characterizes the room aesthetically: we don’t use it, we live the mattress, the duvets and linens. More than a dozen years ago, after a trip to Japan, fascinated by their culture and way of life, I turned my bedroom into a single large space and started sleeping on a mattress resting on tatami mats: the floor has become one big support surface and the bedside table, become useless, has been eliminated.

long island bed

Throughout the day, alternating with each other, objects, books, lamps and cups of tea were surrounding the mattress neatly.
Month after month, with the stratification of experiences, I realized that I was not replicating the Japanese experience and occidental being played the room like one big bed with no boundaries: a bed to read, sleep, eat breakfast, study and work… a bed to live. It was time to implement these emotions.

carlo trevisani

Living differently the night environment and the time spent in bed, I started to think about a multifunctional bed that included the bedside table, becoming a support surface, a bench, a new way to experience this kind of furniture. Long Island is the result of these thoughts and after a long process of sketching and testing, It has become as I imagined to be included in contemporary and unconventional luxury homes, where people can have a domestic shelter and live as a microcosm, a finite space of intimacy.

By Carlo Trevisani for 5 STYLE
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