During the Milan Design Week 2015 we met the upcoming handsome Italian blogstar, Gian Maria Sainato, for an exclusive interview for 5 STYLE MAGAZINE that took place at the gorgeous nhow hotel. The model with over 100k followers on social media is wearing a 5 STYLE outfit composed in collaborations with our partners Handaerk, Daniel Wellington and Bub Shoes.

nhow, the first of a family of unconventional hotels part of the NH Hotel Group also present in Berlin and Rotterdam, has been for years the benchmark for a new generation of lifestyle, cosmopolitan and always-on-the-move hotel. Furnished by the interior designer Matteo Thun and designed by Daniele Beretta from the historical site of the former General Electric factory, nhow Milano gives a new interpretation of space, time and services, hosting several exhibitions throughout the year. Thanks to architectural solutions and unique furniture, nhow is the perfect location for art exhibitions and initiatives of the most innovative design and fashion in the city of Milan.


Ciao Gian Maria and thank you for taking time for this interview. We are now at the Design Stories on show at nhow in Milan. This year the hotel is one of the main venues for FuoriSalone with an exclusive exhibition including 21 designers and 2 artists.

Did you enjoy it?

Yes absolutely! First of all I have to say I love the design of this hotel and I think it’s the perfect place to host such a big exhibition. I particularly liked the futuristic installation by VEDO that welcomes the visitors into the tunnel leading from via Tortona to the hotel entrance. Basically it’s a luxury lighting system able to interact with people and the surrounding space by exploiting the potential of smartphones and mobile devices.

What was your favourite place in Milan during the Design Week 2015?

Corso Como 10! It’s the direction that shopping is evolving to. Beautiful setting, lovely designs, great atmosphere and so much more! This is a fashion store, with a cool bar attached to it and a really nice book store on top of it.



Let’s talk more about you now. Are you studying at the moment?

I completed my studies with a Diploma from high school. Now I have so many projects going on with different fashion brands worldwide so I only want to focus 100% on my carreer as a blogger. I’m really working hard to grow my audience more to be noticed by a larger number of people, not only in Italy but in other Countries as well. Indeed I have many trips planned for the next months. Exciting times ahead!


What did you do before you became a fashion & lifestyle blogger?

Before I was a model signed with lots of agencies around the world: in Milan, in Spain, in UK, in Germany and in New York. When I started the blog though, I closed all these contracts I had with them to just dedicate myself to my fashion blog which is much more exciting for me.

What’s the best and what’s the hardest part of being a fashion blogger?

I love I can get to know so many people, travel often and get a lot of new clothes by the best brands worldwide. Moreover one of the aspect I enjoy most is attending exclusive parties with other celebrities/models. But on the other side it’s hard work, especially when you have to travel a lot and sacrifice the time you’d spend with your family/friends.


Is it much effort to make your hair so perfect every day?

Yes, but that depends on the day. Sometimes it’s easier than others (laugh). However I spend quite a lot of time trying to make it perfect before I start a photo shoot.

You wear the Daniel Wellington watch a lot, which one is your favourite strap?

The Daniel Wellington is my favourite watch because it’s suitable for every occasion. Out of all straps available I love the Grace London because it’s a merge between the elegant leather collection and the more playful Nato strap collection.


Could you tell us something about your future plans?

In the next months I’m going to travel a lot to create more content for the blog with new brands. Moreover I was planning to slightly update the design of my website although people really like it.

The last question now: what is your lifelong dream?

Well, my biggest dream is to create my own brand one day, and I’m very determined to do it!



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