La Débraillée is a Parisian brand of leather handbags created by the italian designer Alice Rosignoli.

As trained Product Designer she applies function and form as the key elements in creating practical, stylish bags. Designed taking inspiration from today’s urban lifestyle, each bag can be worn embracing an individual style. The lines are geometric and essential, seeking a unique timeless aesthetic. The collection is not seasonal: it evolves with time, treasuring the essence of the brand.


Each piece is produced in italy, following a centennial tradition of leather goods, with expert craftsmanship and extraordinary attention to quality and detail. The bags are made using high-quality leather with a natural finish, leaving visible the irregularities and the rawness of the material, to create each and every time a unique product.





La Débraillée Collection focuses on new ways to wear your bags, seeking a new cool attitude by combining pure geometric shapes that, in turn, hide unexpected details. The entire collection is created in black, calf, Napa (semi-aniline) leather. The Napa is a type of leather, very soft and supple that gives your item a unique aspect and touch. A semi-aniline is a leather that as a small amount of pigment or clear finish thus allowing the natural characteristics of the hide to show through while offering some of the benefits of colour consistency and increased wearability.




About the founder/designer:

Alice Rosignoli is the creative behind La Débraillée. Graduating in Product Design from Architecture University of Florence in 2005. She works since creating simple but unique products for several contemporary furniture companies. in 2014 she began to realize the vision of La Débraillée, planning what her brand would be like for a couple of years. Drawing from her experience and creative heart, Alice know ready to make her dream into reality. La Débraillée is based in Paris, the city where she lives and works since 2008.


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