Haze & Glory took it’s first breath in summer 2014 and was created by three guys from Germany: international fashion model Andre Hamann and designer couple Rik and Kim. The brand’s mission is simple: Haze & Glory wants to deliver high end vintage inspired deconstructed premium garments at an affordable price without exploiting people. The trio wants to re-vive time consuming hand-made artisanal techniques.

“The three of us met  in Cape Town / South Africa. It was the time when tshirts had to have at least 2 neon colours and some design printed over at least half the front tshirt. We had a few drinks and moaned about not being able to find good vintage looking tshirts and tops in faded natural colours, anti fit, over-sized, soft perfect handfeel…so why not set out to create exactly that? We got heavily inspired and spend the following months brainstorming, writing business plans and designing.”

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Today Haze & Glory Garments are made from high quality fabrics that are then hand distressed, washed, sanded, beaten down, ripped…everything to create a beautiful edgy vintage effect of an old worn favourite piece. The label uses a solely vertical business model and is only available exclusively online at hazeandglory.com, cutting out all middle men such as agents, distributors, tradeshows and retail stores, Haze & Glory can remove unneccessary mark-ups, pay higher wages and afford higher production costs and still sell luxuries rugged fashion items at a normal price.

“We love and need the direct contact to our customers, we can communicate via social media, email and events. It’s the best thing to get direct feedback from customers that help us shape the brand. Not selling wholesale through stores allows us to react very quickly and try out certain styles. The supply chain is cut to a minimum, from us to you. If we feel like the girls in our community might dig lasercut leather hotpants, they will be online and ready to sell within a few weeks. That’s the beauty of selling only through one channel, our website. And it keeps room for customization, limited editions and helps us to evolve and experiment.”

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Instead of outsourcing their production the label started their own studio /workshop on the tropical island of Bali where 11 specialised sewers are working alongside the designers. This move guarantee radical transparency and secures the ability to produce limited edition and truly hand-made garments while taking care of fair working conditions.


Inspired by the beautiful decay of all living things, Haze & Glory products are made from high quality fabrics that are beaten down, distressed, sanded, washed, roughened up, ripped… everything to create a beautiful edgy vintage effect of an old well-worn favourite piece.

When we design we imagine the love child of Johnny Depp and Russel Brand driving a custom motorbike listening to the Smashing Pumpkins. But we quickly found out that our customer group is much broader and wider and less cliche. We are 90s kids and that’s what’s coming through in our clothing and style – grundgy and a love for all rugged.”

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“We want to grow our online business, this will be the core of the label. South East Asia, Australia, Germany, UK and the US are our core markets right now. Furtheron we want to extend the shopping experience from solely online to the first HG flagship store where customers can touch and feel the products and get even closer to the brand and us. Berlin or Hamburg in Germany are the first cities on the map, hopefully with more to come in the following years. It really depends on what people and potential partners cross our ways. But one thing is for sure,  we don’t want to follow any given trend, we rather want to continue getting better at what we do, design great products for our niche and the community that we feel close to.”


Opening its first international flagship store on Bali (Indonesia) in 2015, Haze & Glory followed its retail success by opening its second mono brand store in 2016 in Berlin Mitte. Over the past 2 years Haze & Glory developed into an underground niche brand with a loyal global following. Unique artisan products and authenticity have developed Haze & Glory into a label catering for different subcultures that embraces all that is fashion, music and design.




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