I watch as a shaft of light changes its mood from cool to warm, from crisp to soft… I stand motionless in a busy Hackney Road, mesmerised. How can this form, spreading itself across a huge expanse of wall under a bridge, captivate my attention so completely? Under my watchful gaze, previously imperceptible details become apparent and all of a sudden this moss-covered, stained wall that I have driven past more times that I could count, has transformed into a thing of rare beauty. I am stirred by this natural composition of light, texture and form and a juxtaposing feeling of calm and exhilaration takes over.


Living in London, I am immersed in a matrix of geometry, light and colour – components, which are instantly visible in my “Fold” series, whether wall-based or freestanding. These works began as research in shapes and colour for an entirely different series, yet slowly they became works in their own right. I was intrigued by the way the folded paper caught the light and created shadows; the white was no longer white, colour slowly took form as I folded the paper. Transitioning from paper to sheets of copper and mild steel, this sense of paper-lightness is maintained through the reflections cast by the work’s fluorescent reverse.



The viewer plays a vital role in the activation of my work. These folded pieces change dramatically depending on one’s viewpoint, producing an experience that is temporal and sensorial, making you aware of yourself within the space. From the front they appear as sedate forms floating. The reflective glow emanating delineates weightlessness, encouraging you to inspect all facets. A side-view reveals a dynamic and infinite composition of intense colour which accentuates the geometry within the form creating tiny glimpses of beauty; simultaneous moments of calm and exhilaration.


A variety of surfaces – matt, mirror finish, high gloss or simply the raw material left exposed – results in a huge variety of light effects. Similarly each different location on the wall holds a different relationship with the viewer.




Like kites, these works soar up the wall, close to the ceiling or hang centrally on the wall, carefully considered. Others hover low, close to the ground. Each one reflecting and adsorbing different densities of light resulting in a cascade of colour and geometry. This interaction of light and locale allows the viewer to explore the space they inhabit and its effect on the work.




I find it difficult to define my work as it is in a constant state of evolution with three-dimensional work giving rise to drawings and vice-versa. It is not the distinction between sculpture, painting, design, architecture that I am interested in but more the blurring of the boundary between these disciplines. I am interested in the fundamental elements of light, colour and geometry. These elements combine to create a multitude of forms that makes you aware of your surroundings and at the same time gives you a transcendent sense of the immaterial.

By Rana Begum for 5 STYLE
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