Fells / Åndes creates quiet luxury textiles and accessories.

They believe in designing thoughtful pieces that can restore repose and be a retreat in the modern world.

Their inspiration started with 2 extremes, the cold crisp Scandinavian Fells and the warm dusty peaks of the Andes. Furthering this inspiration, they strive to combine contrasts — minimalist design with warmth, traditional craft with new technology, sensitive responsibility with fresh concepts, ambition with humility… They believe that this combination and connection of contrasting cultures and ideas makes for richer, balanced and more sustainable design, and ultimately life.


Taking a minimalist yet warm approach to design, they work with rare and elemental materials and collaborate with some of the most skilled craftspeople in the world. Editing and refining with a mindful and critical eye they are careful to preserve the warmth and connection to the people, places and materials that make the pieces. They call this approach warm minimalism.

Their opening collection uses one of the rarest fibers in the world, Royal Baby Alpaca. A natural fiber that is second only to Vicuña in its rarity. Virtually unknown outside of South America, this fiber is incredibly soft, less prone to pilling than wool or cashmere, up to seven times warmer than wool and far more ecologically friendly than either wool or cashmere. Royal Baby Alpaca accounts for less than 1% of all of the alpaca processed in the world. Raising alpaca for fiber has been a traditional means of livelihood for thousands of years in Peru and the people have a great respect for the animals and deep pride in the work they do. Nearly the entire process of shearing, gathering and processing the fibers is done by hand, generally by women who have learned the skill passed down from their mothers and grandmothers.

This combination of rarity, skill and immense respect help lay the foundation for this exceptional collection.




Courtney Trump leads creative direction and product development as well as partnerships for Fells / Åndes. Courtney studied at Chelsea College London and worked in both commercial and residential interior design for Lynne Hunt London and Allegra Hicks in the UK. She has worked in product design and development for textiles, case goods, lighting and upholstery, partnering with factories around the globe.

James Trump oversees all aspects of the brand from art direction to product development. He plays a strong role in guiding the company’s standards and maintaining brand integrity. A graduate of Somerset College & The Surrey Institute and life-long designer, he co-founded branding and design company MODA in the UK working on projects ranging from yacht charters, investment property and performance motor engineering to fashion and beauty. After relocating from the UK to the US he went on to work with Sony as Creative Director later joining Moving Brands in San Francisco.

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