I like the essential contemporary design. I have always had the conviction that the design has to respond to key elements, factors, features… but above all the design should excite! I have always tried to achieve a balance in the parts that generate beauty. Finally, I think about how to design objects imagining them in spaces, connecting with the people. This is how began the gestation of Faz Daybed. In the first place, the need was detected to grow the Faz family and create a Daybed for the collection. At that time I started researching a line that was beginning to be a trend: ‘faceted’. Over time this has been evident in many sectors: in jewelry, architecture, fashion and art… so I had a starting point that would lead me to other ideas to create Faz Daybed.




The first few weeks I studied existing designs, and I observed some peculiarities that are repeated in a systematic way in the different models. I remember the first sketches in which the project responded to a traditional – conservative approach, as they showed a top opening based on ‘fold and pick up’. In those first few weeks I contemplated these sketches and I had the feeling that they were not responding to the emotional connection that I look for in my pieces. It was then when I decided to give it a new approach much more sculptural, natural, dynamic and geometric… which we developed in the following three months.



I proposed an approach different from the conventional use of a Daybed. So I looked up the thread of the whole Faz collection designed for Vondom and applied it to this piece. This thread based on crystallization of minerals, led me to create a piece with a powerful creative essence. The piece was inspired by the formation of a shell, a structure made with a massive rotating base and a light canvas cover that opens and closes. It was clear that the piece would not be limited to a total imitation of the mineral formations, but when someone is in contact with the piece would be perceived connotations of these mineral formations. In short, it is a natural essence to a geometrically contemporary piece.





I imagined my piece in the best beach clubs, in hotels, in tournaments of high competition, in the garden of a beautiful house… and I always saw my piece as a space to be and enjoy. Hence came the idea of developing a Daybed with a built-in sound system with speakers that could connect via Bluetooth to any of our devices: phones, tablets, and smartphones. In addition, it has a cover made of a fabric that allows light to pass through, and sift it. Already it may be thought of as the perfect bed for the summer in the garden, on many occasions, clients are using it indoors, but on the inside, the canvas is not necessary for protection from the sun, it will gather you in such a way that it creates a sense of connection like being tucked into. One of the things that often stands out to the owners of this piece or to the people that have interacted with FAZ Daybed, is that it can be illuminated in a wide range of colors (white, orange, pink, green, etc), something that is very enjoyable in the summer nights.





The wide range of possibilities offered by the Faz daybed draws you away completely from the concept of furniture, converting the relationship with the piece into an experience for the user.




If you want to see this piece from a closer view, I invite you to visit some of the most trendiest spots in the world which have already chosen the Faz Daybed as the great protagonist for their spaces. From the terrace of the hotel Lips Reartes in Ibiza, passing through the Wan Rui Da Hua Hotel in Shanghai to the latest NH designed by Norman Foster of London.

By Ramón Esteve for 5 STYLE
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