ExoLens® expands mobile phone camera capabilities with a wide range of premium grade lenses, offering superior image quality in a simple, easy to use solution. Every lens opens up a new world of possibilities to users, increasing the quality and expanding the capabilities of mobile phone photography. Our team tried the ExoLens® PRO Wide-Angle with Optics by ZEISS during a city break in Vienna. The images you see in page might look like normal photos, but they couldn’t have been taken with a normal camera. The grand angle lens causes you to move closer to your subject — which changes the perspective, making a close object appear larger, and remote subjects smaller. Fascinated by this technology, we interviewed John Willenborg, Inventor of ExoLens, to discuss the capability of these lens and why they are so special.

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What inspired you to design a range of lenses for the smartphone?

I have always had a passion for photography but I didn’t have the knowledge of how to properly shoot with something like a DSLR. As a result, I found myself using my iPhone more and more to chronical my adventures. I loved my images but I felt there was a world of creativity just beyond my reach…I started to study lenses and the rest is history.

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How can ExoLens drastically improve photos taken with an iPhone?

Think back to the first time you went up in an airplane or looked down from a tall building. It’s the same world, the same sky, the same landscape but all of the sudden the familiar looks totally new. Lenses can have this same effect on images. Lenses change our perspective, change our depth of field and even go beyond what our human eyes can see. In this way, lenses allow us to tell different more compelling stories.

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How do the iPhone & ExoLens hold up against a DSLR camera?

iPhone’s and DSLRs are different tools for different jobs. While it is true that the iPhone’s quality has become shockingly good and often rivals DSLRs, there are advantages and disadvantages to both. You can always get a wider variety of images with a DSLR. That said, the years of training, tens of thousands of dollars of gear and almost infinite complexity are very real pain points. For the vast majority of shooters the quality, portability and proximity of the iPhone in our daily lives makes it a far more elegant platform.

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What’s your favourite ExoLens?

The great thing about lenses are they allow you to accomplish what you want with an image. If I am in a stunning wide natural landscape, I might want the wide-angle lens so my feeling of insignificance and awe translate into my image. Or if I am shooting my children playing, I might want the telephoto lens so I can fill the frame with a momentary smile. My favourite lens is the one that allows me to capture my feeling not simply the moment.

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