Dalgado is a German accessories label founded by René and Jan Juelicher in 2017.

Embedded in a minimalist design philosophy which integrates muted elegance with premium quality, it offers luxury accessories at honest prices.

Each product is meticulously crafted in Italy or Germany by revered artisans. By sourcing the finest materials from all over Europe, Dalgado aims to create timeless accessories which are made to last. In line with the brand’s dedication to an ethical and sustainable production, it plants a tree for every belt sold. 

Getting a Dalgado Product is not just about buying a belt. It is about joining a lifestyle which cherishes quality and opposes mass-consumption. Every production step, from the raw materials to the packaged product, is enriched by a profound love for details. This becomes evident not just in the products but also the sophisticated personalised packaging.

When asked about the focus on belts, Jan Juelicher responded: “Despite being very common, belts are mostly treated as a functional side-product rather than an accessory capable of making a fashion-forward style statement. We believe it is time to change that notion.”

By choosing a direct-to-consumer approach, Dalgado manages to cut out retailers, luxury mark-ups, middlemen, distributors or local stores allowing them to offer premium accessories at half or even a third of the normal retail price. The proud results are some of the highest quality belts you can buy for under 100€.

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