This is one of the best projects that I’ve recently photographed. When I get to a place that I need to photograph but I just want to sit and feel the space without my cameras, that is the first signal that I love that place.



Think that the simplicity of these two cabins are the best thing you can get from such small places, the experience is amazing and you won´t miss anything.



These two small cabins stand near the river,  Inspired on the locals fisherman’s cabins, they were built with recycled wood. One Cabin is the room that has a bath room and a shower, and the other is the living room with a small kitchen.




Sleeping in these cabins is a wonderful experience, you can feel the materials, the textures and even the perfume of the wood.


The owner has other two houses that are small hotels. All three projects were design by architect Manuel Aires Mateus. I’ve photographed all three and each time I get to a new project I get surprised and enthusiastic about the feeling that each one makes me feel. 

By Nelson Garrido for 5 STYLE
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