Frank Lloyd Wright, one of the architects I take as a model, used to tell the students who frequented his house-studio Taliesin West that if you don’t know how to cook you would never design a good kitchen. In truth, cuisine – good cuisine, I mean – is like design and architecture, a language ruled by formal and conceptual parameters that allow the expression of a philosophy through the exaltation of the senses.



Blanc i Negre – Valencian words for “black and white” – alludes to a typical Spanish sandwich made of black pudding and sausage, which are traditional stuffed meat from the area were the restaurant is. Their cooking brings us back to their roots, a revision of the local cuisine that means to enhance the inherent character of their products, the essence of their original tastes. That is, going back to simplicity, to the old way.




The great challenge of this project was the transformation of the existing premises – a classic restaurant with a lot of tradition – in an establishment that fits with their new cooking, more contemporary and with a strong character, although keeping part of the personality of the former restaurant.




The main feature of the restaurant is the geometry of the diamond-shaped elements. The chairs, tables and stools of the Faz collection that we designed for Vondom match perfectly with the diamond-shaped geometry of the Faces collection, designed for L’Antic Colonial.



Blanc i Negre was conceived as a whole idea where we designed everything, from the corporative identity to the interior design of the restaurant. It is a comprehensive design where everything uses the same language in order to generate a harmonious space and an exclusive hedonistic experience.

By Ramón Esteve for 5 STYLE
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