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Founded in late 2014 covering minimalism in fashion, design and travel, 5 STYLE attracts now over 200k readers/followers on all channels. This award-winning digital platform also offers travel guides that explore luxurious destinations with tips and insight for the modern day globetrotter. Its elegant unique style, minimal luxury, is characterised by clarity, subtle tones and flawless lines.

Our Identity

We celebrate luxury, the enjoyment of life at its finest quality. In 5 STYLE we seek this experience in the elegance of minimal aesthetics. In an oversaturated, ever changing world, it is simplicity and clarity that highlight the essence of things.

Our Passion

The name 5 STYLE represents the best lifestyle one can have. Five is used to express the highest level of quality as well as luxury-excellence. We want to inspire a lifestyle that values quality over quantity and motivates people to constantly explore, experience and create.

Our Aesthetics

We aim to engage the most fascinating aspects of the clarity of minimalism and the class of luxury. Consequently, our creative expression is a style both eye catching & elegant, artistic & stylish, fresh yet timeless, pure yet passionate.

Our Mission

To create the ultimate destination for minimal luxury. The digital platform for the lovers of minimal design, premium quality and elegant aesthetics. The place where they can meet the visual creators, brands and designers with these values in common but also the place where these professionals can unfold their creativity and passion for the best lifestyle one can have.

Our Readers

5 STYLE boasts a sophisticated audience composed of fashion enthusiasts, young affluent luxury buyers, architects, designers and other style makers. Our global readership invest time in researching the right product before completing a purchase. Consisting of world travellers with a large purchasing power, 5 STYLE readers always keep an eye out for the next minimal luxury trend.



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Silver Winner, Website Design, 2016




Silver Winner, Website Design, 2016

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